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Scouting Square Knot Award For Carl Trinko

The Square Knot Award recognizes members of the American Legion family who are dedicated to and actively involved in furthering the Boy Scouts of America program. The recipient receives a certificate and a gold and purple square knot that may be worn on a Scout uniform. The national commander also presents a congratulatory letter.

Attention ALL Post 960 Legionnaires 

Apparently National and Department Headquarters are late in updating 2015 Renewals. If you are getting a notice that your 2015 dues is DUE – Check your Card

If it is for the year 2014 – YOU probably owe for 2015. If you have a 2015 Card – disregard the notice !!!!   I just mailed out the last 6 Renewals I found in the mail. I am CURRENT on Renewals

Any questions ??????? – see Post Adjutant – Don Thompson  


Bucks County Veteran Discount Card(clickhere)


A communication tool for the post

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Levittown, PA 19057